Candle Wall Sconces for the Bedroom

Candle Wall Sconces for the Bedroom

There are many ways to decorate a bedroom. We can place decor elements on the night stands and dressers. We also can collage the walls with posters and photos of our loved ones. We can even select a particular bedspread to incorporate into the decor style. Whichever decor element we choose, each element provides a certain look and feel.

Just like the other decor elements, candle wall sconces can provide a certain look and feel. However, the look and feel is not the only feature candle wall sconces provide. Candle wall sconces are also capable of providing functionality to a space with candle lighting. We can easily set a romantic or relaxing ambiance by simply lighting a candle that is contained within the sconce.

Candle wall sconces come in various forms of fabrication. There are candle wall sconces that are formed out of wrought iron, others out of metal and some are even constructed out of wood. The selection of fabrication may be important if we are looking to create a specific decor style.

When using candle wall sconces, we have the benefit of not taking up counter space. However, we are limited to where they can be located. It will be pretty tough to place candle wall sconces where no wall occurs. So how can we creatively locate candle wall sconces in our bedrooms?

Here is a quick list of ideas of where we can locate candle wall sconces within our bedroom.

  • Locate a large candle wall sconce over the headboard of the bed.
  • Place a candle wall sconce on each side of the headboard ends.
  • Place a couple of small candle wall sconces towards the end of a wall, more towards the darkest corner of the bedroom.
  • Place a large candle wall sconce along the wall where the foot of the bed is parallel to.
  • Place a candle wall sconce on each side of a piece of artwork.
  • Place a candle wall sconce at the end of the dresser.
  • Place a candle wall sconce on each side of a wall mounted television.

These are just a few quick and easy ideas to inspire your creativity. Another way to inspire your creative juices is to view some candle wall sconces online. You can find plenty of candle wall sconce styles online and see which one fits your home decor needs the best. Our online store carries a vast inventory for your viewing pleasure.


Candle Lanterns for Outdoor Decor

Candle Lanterns Decor

When it comes to home decor, we tend to focus on the interior of the home. We tend to focus on the interior decor because that is where most of our time is spent. Home decor provides us with a way to express our own personality and create a relaxing environment. There is an array of home decor styles that we can create for our home. Home decor styles range from traditional to modern-contemporary, or combining a few styles together and labeling it “eclectic”.

There are many elements we can use to create the perfect home decor style. A few elements that are often used are:

  • Specific furniture styles.
  • Wrought iron artwork.
  • Paintings.
  • Candle holders.

These are all great elements that are perfect for the interior, but what if we would like to carry our decor to the outside? The first question one would probably ask is “Why would anyone want to provide decor on the outside?” Many people enjoy entertaining guests and on cool summer evenings grilling out on the patio is a perfect setting. Providing decor out on the patio will not only provide great conversation, it will also create a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

If we were to try and utilize the same decor elements as the interior, the weather elements from mother nature would tear them apart. So we need to be selective when it comes to the decor elements we use outdoors. When it comes to furniture, we can select patio furniture that is specifically designed to withstand weather elements. If we were to stop with just patio furniture, our outdoor decor would just seem too boring right? We need to add those beautiful decor elements that accent the larger pieces. Painting we can cross off of the list because a painting is nowhere close to resisting weather. Wrought iron artwork can be used as an accent, but most artwork is typically mounted on to a wall surface of some sort.

When it comes to candle holders, not only are most of them fabricated out of weather resistant materials, there is an array of styles and types to choose from. There is the typical candle holder stand, which consist of a stem element and can be located on any flat surface. Then there are your wall candle holders, also known as candle wall sconces, which share the same limitations of wrought iron artwork and can only be located where a wall occurs. Hurricane candle holders share the same requirement of the typical candle holder and require a flat surface.

When it comes to home decor, the best decor element is the one that is versatile and almost limitless. The best candle holders we believe fit that bill are candle lanterns. Candle lanterns can be strategically placed along a patio floor adjacent to furniture. They can also be placed on tables as center pieces. Unlike the other candle holders, with the proper addition of hanging hardware, candle lanterns can be hung from patio covers or other overhead elements. Almost all candle lanterns are capable of providing an enclosed area for a candle, which prevents the candle flame from becoming a fire hazard. One of the best features candle lanterns offer is the ability to provide excellent outdoor accent lighting. The accent lighting that candle lanterns offer can be used in a variety of ways. We can easily set a romantic mood with a significant other or provide a relaxing ambiance to our guests outdoors. We can even use candle lanterns to light a pathway.

We must keep in mind that not all candle lanterns are constructed out of durable weather resistant materials. Here are some candle lanterns whose fabrication types are weather resistant.

  • Iron candle lanterns
  • Metal candle lanterns (should be treated with an anti-rust product)
  • Tin candle lanterns
  • Wrought iron candle lanterns

Most candle lanterns include glazing to encase a candle. The glazing is also weather resistant, but might require some maintenance to remove water spots or other debris. Any kind of wood candle lanterns are not recommended. The wood fabrication is usually made as light as possible and is usually never treated for weather.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor candle decor or are ready to take the next step and search for your candle lanterns, stop by our website.